Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm here!

So, I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but during the elections (which involved enduring hours of pathetic commercials that mock the intelligence of even the dullest Americans), I got to thinking...If I ran for office, what muck would they dredge up about my past so some guy with a deep voice could reveal my secrets while they stamp a gritty, red X on a black and white picture of me?

Secret number 1: I stole a Lego piece from Sunrise Elementary because it looked like the gun of a tank and I didn't have one. I'll never forget that little Lego piece.

Your turn...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hi my name is natebro. My friend, Casey, used to have a crush on me. I'm proud of it, too! By the way, we're both male.

Boobs. Excellent, now that the ice is broken, let's get this blog thing on.

Welcome amigos!

Hey everybody. Let's blog about stuff!